E-shop & Websites

Bring your business online with us! We built websites to optimize target customer’s experience. We specialize in building beautiful, professional, and easy-to-use sites. These elements come together to create an exceptional user experience (UX). This positive interaction with a brand builds trust and confidence, turning visitors into customers. Soft Design Ltd's expert website development and web design teams are dedicated to delivering solutions: uniquely designed, fast, secure, and integrated with existing business software.

Included Services

_Business analysis / functional requirements
_Architecture design (dedicated server/cloud)
_Domain/ email management
_Software development
_Integration and system testing

Included Services

Long-standing experience
Up-to-date knowledge of technology
Our partnership approach


What dynamic content platforms (CMS) do you use?

In cases where the analysis of the requirements results in the need to use a CMS, we choose the appropriate one for each project magento, wordpress/woocommerce.

What’s the process?

As with every Soft Design Ltd service, we work with our customers and their teams to understand their objectives to provide insight into the best-fit web or E-Comm solution. The information they share with us will allow us to make the first big recommendation for their site: whether to build it on an open-source platform or code it from scratch.

We understand the when/where and advantages of each platform or language. Choosing the right foundation for the site is the first – and biggest – step in setting their business up for success on the web.

Then our team design, develop, maintain, host, and support Websites, E-shops (B2C & B2B) and Platforms

Our strategy is to optimize the sites to align with the objectives while maximizing the beauty, speed, and functionality of the site – on desktop and mobile devices, alike.